20 Nov 2019

Architectural Control Committee (ACC) Information

Meetings of the Architectural Committee are generally conducted either the first or second week of the month and are open to all homeowners with prior request for attendance; meetings are held at the property of one of the members.  Please check the Meetings post for details.

Committee Members:

Steve McWhite
Rebecca McWhite
Timur Baytok
Eric Butterfield

Members of the HOA do attend these meetings and work alongside the ACC to better facilitate the needs and requests of our community homeowners.

Fill in this editable pdf Design Change Request Form and email it to the ACC if you wish to make any changes to your home that are covered by the Design Guidelines

For questions, concerns, or form submission, please e-mail the Architectural Committee at ohs-new-acc-team@googlegroups.com 

Annual Inspection are performed in May 

One reason for annual inspections is to inform an owner of current and future maintenance items. Similar to annual vehicle inspections, most car owners do not routinely crawl under their cars to look for impending problems or pull off tires to inspect brakes. Likewise, most homeowners do not routinely inspect their roofs, exterior painting, and fencing. As such, it’s beneficial when someone inspects your car or home and advises you ahead of time about maintenance that you’ll need to think about.

The ACC hopes that our neighbors see these efforts as beneficial to themselves and to the community by taking advantage of the time allowed to plan and correct any discrepancies. While the importance of keeping your car on the road most likely outweighs the fence post you need to fix, the latter is noticeable to your neighbors and when repaired is appreciated by your neighbors.

In 2019, the annual home inspections took place on May 18th and 19th